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Kerala Blind association (KBA) is an organisation which was established in 2007 with an aim to nurture the welfare of blind people. As a result of the organisations involvement among blind people they were able to bring forth the educational and job related problems of these people before government and society. The organisation was also able to find solution to such problems. They aimed at helping to start new ventures so as to attain job for the jobless blind people and to help financially unsecured bedridden ones. Thus to through all these activities they are aiming to bring forward blind and disabled people in society.
People from all walks of life with different genre, age and education qualification are included in these. Some of these people get love, care and recognition from family & society. While others still face problems from even their families and they are treated in the worst manners. Most of these peoples lives are filled with questions. Their life are still in darkness filled with avoidance, unemployment and poverty from the society. We wish to have a change in this. KBA is not an organisation based on any political party/ religion/ any other organisation. It incorporates all those human beings who still have a mindset to do good deeds for this people without considering politics/ religion.

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Our other Important Committies

  • National Chartiy Development Board(NCDB)
  • Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Research & Development Centre for Differently Abled People
  • Helping Hands (Volunteer Team)
  • Eye Donation Department
  • Activist visual media
  • Differently Abled People's Association