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Candle Making

Cane chair making

Chalk making

Basket making

Office file making

Book binding

Safety Cooking measures

Shearing Coconuts first grade

Computer Application

Public space movement including cane and person help

Telephone operations

Rope with the help of feet

Mat making

Singing and instrument

Packaging making


Our great effort to :

Eyeboon helping device for blinds

Other helping devices for all disability

Toll-free centre for disabled.

Programs for livelihood of such people

Pension for Blinds

Travel allowances for the Blinds

Subsidy and grant for Self employment

FREE education for Blinds children

FREE training for the Blinds in various fields

Equal rights for Blinds

More seminars and workshops for the Blinds Happy Living

More professional help for councelling purposes

Prepare the Blinds for the Non-blind popoulation

More awareness for organ, blood and eye donation

More care and support for the children and youth blinds

More safety and security awareness related workshops and seminars for the blinds

Professional survey to be done for the blind youths and problems to give strong solutions

Bring the Blinds also forward to the society’s betterment

Red cross, NSS and other organisations to be associated with KBA

Introduce Audio Library for the Blinds

Work closely with all Panchayats and National Health mission, and obtain Asha Workers to associte with KBA

Ongoing support and personnel for implementing new ideas for the Blinds

Support to promote the Blind’s projects to enhance the workmanship and training to a livelihood

Rehablitiation centres for the Blinds

Halls and building that could be in favor of the Blinds also for future purposes of training and exhibitions etc

Promote Book creation and publishing of Awareness for all types of the people in the society.

promote the social workers by giving awards, certificates etc to increase the involvement of them in KBA

Create awareness against Drugs and Alcohol and all other unwanted substances tothe public through KBA

Blind students were brought to the school

Blinds were made to obtain FREE pass in KSRTC, Private bus and trains.

Blind patients were given FREE medicines for their ailments.

FREE eye check up.

FREE meals

Workshops for well being of the Blinds

Councelling for Mentally stressed Blinds

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